We Promise We Don't Bite


Shad - Co-Founder

About:  He moved to San Diego in 1998 to pursue career in Oceanography.  Fate had love in the cards for him, and a sea going job at Scripps Institute of Oceanography did not a happy marriage make. Lucky enough for Shad he is a second generation espresso machine technician.  He founded Solutions Espresso Services 2001.
How do you like your coffee?   He takes his coffee as a drip or pour over black in the morning, and an espresso macchiato in the afternoon.
Random fact:   He's a big fan of air cooled naturally aspirated motorcycles


Tammy - Co-Founder

About:  A Kentucky born Marine Biologist.  Worked for Scripps as a seagoing technician.  After meeting and marrying Shad, the time away from her new husband was rough.  So together they started Solutions Espresso Services. 
How do you like your coffee?  A Double Short Caffe Vienese (a latte with honey and cinnamon).
Random fact:  She has crossed the Antarctic Circle on a ship.



Jonatan - Director of Operations

About: He's a rare local, born and raised in San Diego, and has been in the coffee Industry for 10 years. He enjoys craft beers, specifically stouts. He's also a fan of the great outdoors.
How do you like your coffee? He likes a short macchiato and caramel lattes, but if he's behind your bar fixing your machine offer him something and he'll probably like it. 
Random fact: Technology makes him happy.  He's always got the newest iPhone and has an app for everything in his life.


Melissa - Office Manager

About:  She is new to the coffee business, but loving every minute of it!  She has always loved coffee and trying new cafes. Outside of work she enjoys hiking, cooking large meals, and hosting events for her friends and family.
How do you like your coffee?  She is all about macadamia milk lattes, iced coffee, and cold brew.
Random Fact:  She's a huge Stephen King fan, and loves watching scary movies. 


Ailith - Technician

About: She's a San Diego native who enjoys spending time with her K9 friend Dog Meat, reenacting Viking battles, and working on coffee machines. 
How do you like your coffee? She likes her coffee in her beer. 
Random Fact: She enjoys making leather crafts and building her own Viking weapons.


Alex - Special Projects Coordinator

About: After drinking it since about age 3, four years ago she finally got really into the culture and journey of coffee. Classical music is her life, so when she had to stop playing her instrument coffee helped fill the violin-shaped hole in her heart.
How do you like your coffee? Drip, black all day, every day. Unless it's a 6oz Americano.
Random Fact: The only house plants she can seem to keep alive are the ones in her planted aquariums. 


Nick - Parts Specialist

About: He was born and raised in Kansas, but after moving around he landed in California at the age of 11.  He often spends his time lamping at home or skateboarding.
How do you like your coffee? He enjoys drip coffee or an iced Vietnamese. 
Random Fact:  He loves going to the movie theater, and tries to watch at least one movie a week.


Nicholas - Orange County Technician


How do you like your coffee? COMING SOON

Random Fact:  COMING SOON


Robert - Technician


How do you like your coffee? COMING SOON

Random Fact:  COMING SOON


Adam - Technician

Adam recently began a new journey in North Carolina and has opened his own tech company and we wish him the best!