The Highlights from Cold Brew City 2016

Cold Brew City went down yesterday without a hitch!  It was a great event and had an outstanding turnout by both the vendors and the coffee loving public.  Solutions was there slinging some crisp reverse osmosis water and talking about the importance of water quality not only for the equipment, but also the taste and smell of the […]

La Marzocco Yearbook

Win a La Marzocco Yearbook!

School’s out and summer’s here! To celebrate we are giving away three 2015 La Marzocco Yearbooks to our followers on Instagram. These yearbooks are filled with great photos and art from La Marzocco’s Australia adventures.  Reserved for employees and retailers these are rare and would make a great addition to any coffee lovers collection.  Visit […]


Back To Basics: Backflushing

Whether you’re a home espresso aficionado or run a high volume café one daily ritual should be the same across the board, and we’re not talking about sipping on some delicious coffee.  Before we go further, this is one of those words that strikes fear into the hearts of many of us, its like one […]


Cold Brew City 2016 Tickets On Sale Now!

Have any plans for the afternoon on Saturday June 25th?  If not pick up some tickets for Cold Brew City 2016!  This cold brew competition will feature many local cafes and roasters, a taco truck, raffle prizes, an educational booth and of course Solutions Espresso Services will be there to support the attendees with some delicious reverse […]


We’re On Instagram!

Solutions Espresso Services has joined the 21st Century and begun an adventure into social media! At this point we’ve chosen Instagram as our stepping stone, we will be posting new content, including tips and more on a daily basis. So if you spot us or one of our techs out and about, snap a shot […]

Photo by: Yan Yanez

Adios Chuckster!

Our beloved parts guy and resident inappropriate jokester has retired to spend more time riding his motorcycle and running amok in San Diego County and beyond. Some of my fondest memories of Chuck’s reign revolved around hearing his off-color and politically incorrect jokes when he’d approach my desk for his first, second and sometimes third donuts […]

2016-04-16 17.09.01

Solutions Was There: The SCAA Expo Atlanta 2016

One of the biggest coffee shows in the United States was held last week in beautiful Atlanta Georgia, and Solutions was there! Whether you’re there for the lectures, networking or just checking out all the new products and services you’re bound to find something that piques your interest at the Specialty Coffee Association of America […]


The 10,000th Work Order Contest!

                                        We love our customers! In celebration of our 15th year in business we wanted to do something fun.  Whoever gets our 10,000th work order will receive a $300 credit in service, parts and accessories, and be part of Solutions’ history! […]

Water Quality and it’s Effect on Coffee Equipment

Water quality is a huge factor in today’s coffee and espresso business, particularly here in San Diego.  The long-standing drought has all but drained the water supply so we are getting water from different sources and multiple reservoirs.  This means lots of changes in our local waters composition, which shows in San Diego’s most recent water […]


Only A Drop or Two Will Do

There are many factors that go into brewing that perfect cup of coffee.  The condition and cleanliness of the brewer, the water, and the grind are only the beginning.  There are tools of the trade that make these adjustments easier and faster, and one of those is the refractometer. The coffee specific refractometer, developed by […]